At AJS Dance, there is no set uniform to wear for lessons. However, pupils must make sure that attire is suitable for dance and therefore, we do not allow denim and dresses are also not suitable. Hair must be tied back and jewellery removed.

To begin with a t-shirt and leggings with comfortable shoes such as pumps or trainers is suggested. Once settled into lesson a leotard with leggings or a skirt is recommended.

The following footwear is also required for lessons:
Black Ballet Shoes (Hi-tech Ballet shoes for Juniors 1 and above)
White Tap Shoes (Black for Boys)
Black Pumps (Jazz shoes required for Juniors 1 and above)
Tan Musical Comedy shoes (Juniors 3 and above)


In addition to the footwear mentioned above exam dress consists of the following:
Black Long Sleeve Leotard
Black Tights
White Headband

Dancewear is available to buy from us at prices cheaper than the shops.

Please see Amy to discuss requirements and prices.

Personalised AJS Dance t-shirts, polos and hoodies are available through us!